Sugar: Should We Eliminate It From Our Diet?

Sugar: Should We Eliminate It From Our Diet?Over the past few years, experts have repeatedly warned that eating sugar in our diet is dangerous to human health. It is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Although there is nothing wrong with sugar, it should not be consumed too much, especially refined.

It is found naturally in fruits, which are by no means a health hazard if eaten in moderation.

But, health experts are concerned that refined sugar is found in most people’s diets. At the chemical level, it is as addictive as cocaine.

It may seem unrealistic to stop eating sugar altogether. After all, it is not only sold separately as a food additive, it is also found in sweets, semi-finished products, sauces, etc.

However, doctors and nutritionists are sounding the alarm to tell everyone about the harm of sugar to the body and talk about what can replace it.

Eliminating sugar from your diet can significantly improve your health and quality of life.

When you stop eating sugar:

1. You will feel satisfied with the food

Sugar suppresses leptin, a hormone in the body that is responsible for feeling full after eating. As a result, there is an unquenchable desire to eat.

Once you stop consuming sugar, the body begins to regulate appetite and foods give you a fuller feeling of satiety, ie you will eat fewer calories and sweets.

2. Your heart will be better protected

Foods high in sugar and high in glycemic index are considered one of the reasons for the increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Abstinence from sugar is one way to take care of the heart and control the level of triglycerides, a type of fat that is responsible for storing extra calories from sugar and lowering the effects of good cholesterol.

3. The amount of belly fat will decrease

Sugar is a high-calorie food that does not contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Because it contains so many calories and very few nutrients, it causes fat to build up and can lead to obesity.

A study conducted by The Endocrine Society found that sugar can lead to the accumulation of fat around the abdomen and at the waist.

4. You will protect your liver

Studies published in Nature Magazine claim that excessive amounts of sugar harm the liver, as does alcohol.

If you eat sugar in moderation, the liver will not work too hard and will have an optimal regime.

5. You reduce the chances of kidney stones

Although not yet proven, sugary drinks and refined sugar generally increase the risk of developing kidney stones by 25%. And sugary sodas can generally increase this risk by 33%.

To prevent this problem, stop drinking such drinks and make your choice in favor of healthy alternatives, such as natural juices or water.

6. Your brain will be better protected

There is still little evidence for this, but some studies have found that sudden changes in blood sugar can be one of the causes of brain damage that affects memory.

Although it is clear that these tests focused on uncontrolled blood sugar levels, not on sugar directly.

However, it is known that excessive sugar consumption is one of the main reasons for its high blood level.

7. Your skin will look younger and healthier

Consumption of sugar activates a process known as glycation, which causes damage to elastin and collagen in the skin.

If you consume less sugar, the condition of the skin will improve significantly, and this will help prevent the premature appearance of signs of aging.

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