4 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Eating Healthy

4 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Eating Healthy

Forming new habits is not easy, but especially – when it comes to proper nutrition, which obliges you to replace the evening chocolate with tea on, at least, a portion of fresh fruit. It does not sound so easy, does it? Fortunately, psychologists know the life hack that will help deceive the brain. Doing so that really wanted to “this is this delicious chicken breast,” and not a burger. Below are the ones that really work.


If you are going to an event, the risk of overeating on which is incredibly high, rehearse everything in advance in your head. Think about how you choose lighter snacks, discard the classic dessert in favor of fruits and be sure to drink a glass of water after every glass of wine. ” According to the expert, if you pre-form the right image in the subconscious, following it in reality will be much easier.

Replace “useless” products with “useful”

The first rule of the club leading a healthy lifestyle is not to tell anyone that you decided to switch to proper nutrition (so as not to provoke friends and acquaintances who will surely try to get you back to the dark side of the force). The second rule is to never keep food in the house, from the consumption of which you would like to refuse. Logically, if the kitchen does not have candy, donuts, chips and cookies, you can not eat them at a critical moment, when it seems that this Health promotion does not really need you personally. However, you can not deprive yourself of “goodies” at all – so take care of replacing all of the above with yogurt without additives (add fruits and nuts – you will get a luxurious dessert), bread with sweet but natural additives and fragrant whole grain bread.

Think about your body

The key to overcoming temptation may be the understanding that everything that happens to you is your mind, but not your body. That is, to understand, really you want to eat a package of chips or will approach and chicken soup, it is necessary to listen to the body.

The first thing you should do if you suddenly feel that you are terribly hungry and, as they say, ready to eat an elephant – take a deep breath, and then slowly exhale. The secret is that overeating most often occurs due to stressful overloads, and the inhalation-exhalation, as studies have shown, cope with increased stress almost better than sedatives. Then drink a glass of warm water, wait a couple of minutes, and analyze your condition. Still want to eat? Obviously, you really need a snack.

Set goals

Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, physical activity – too blurred characteristics, with which the brain is inherently difficult to work with. It’s much easier for him to perceive statements like “no more white sugar,” “I’ll sleep at least 7 hours,” or “I promise to walk 10 minutes every day.” That’s why it’s important to set goals that will help him, and you will understand why all this is necessary at all. Our consciousness is amazing: and only the realization of why you weigh 54, not 64 kilograms (to fit in a chic dress). Why you should stop smoking now, and not somehow later (because in 4 months the trip you dreamed about, which you simply can not master with such a shortness of breath) will make the process of self-improvement easier and more pleasant. Try it!

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